Van Mounted Reach and Wash Systems Arrive

Van Mounted Reach and Wash System

Van Mounted Reach and Wash Systems Arrive

KTC Commercial Cleaning Ltd has recently taken delivery of a new van mounted Reach and Wash system.

The system provides 100% pure water which produces the best window cleaning results. The absence of detergent means no sticky residues are left, therefore windows do not soil as quickly.

Reach and wash systems reduce the requirement for ladders. The glass and carbon fibre water-fed poles telescope up to 65 feet (that’s in excess of 4 storeys) with the operator keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

The system is gentle on the environment as it doesn’t use any detergents or chemicals. And pure water cleans surfaces to a spotless, streak free finish.

With the Ionic system Quality Care Cleaning operatives can transport 600 litres of pure water to each site which is enough to clean around 400 to 600 windows.

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